Studio Arts Facilities

Exhibition Space

A large exhibition space in the Fisher Studio Arts Building permits an ambitious schedule of exhibitions, which are an integral component of the program. In addition to open student exhibitions, Senior Project shows, and Moderation exhibitions, student work on particular themes is exhibited at student-curated and faculty-curated shows. Exhibitions of work by outside artists, selected by independent curators, are also presented each year. Bard's Center for Curatorial Studies is another on-campus site for exhibitions of contemporary art.

The Bard College Exhibition Center, the first off-campus site of this kind, is a 16,000-square-foot gallery and studio space plus the recently acquired and newly rennovated second building for classes, class exhibitions and a complete workshop all in the village of Red Hook. The exhibition center gives graduating seniors and undergraduates the opportunity to present their Senior Projects and class projects in a professional space dedicated solely to the exhibition of student work.

Studio Space

There are 19 studio spaces in the Fisher Studio Art Center building and 16 studio spaces in the Red Hook Facility, (UBS) Bard Exhibition Center. Studios are allocated each semester at the first Senior Seminar class meeting. Senior II's have first choice of studio spaces they wish to occupy. Senior I's draw lots and can exchange with each other if they choose. *Seniors from another discipline requesting studio space in either Fisher or UBS must seek permission and approval from the Studio Art Chair and faculty. Be prepared to show slides, photos or CD images of your work. If granted a space it is mandatory that these students attend senior seminar and be a part of the studio art senior project exhibitions and senior commencement exhibition.



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